February 2012 Competition Part 2 Winners

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Unread 23-02-2012, 17:53
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February 2012 Competition Part 2 Winners

Seconds out, Round 2 ... is over!

Congratulations to Matush, who wins first prize (75 euros) for his The Hobbit blu-ray cover and label.

Second prize (50 euros) was motsy, for The Amazing Spider-man, and third prize (25 euros) was valen_sinclair for Snow White and the Huntsmen.

The other participants were:

Galaxy Quest: jlarso02
Wrath of the Titans: Tomkru
John Carter: Incredible
Beneath The Darkness: GMan
Constantine: zsulboy
Inception: Morpheo
Hesher: Shevka
John Carter: Tomkru
Breach: Garot

Competition results are here: http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/ol...-part-2-a.html

Could all the artists please now upload their covers and labels from this competition to the site (exclusively!) as per the rules.

All that it remains for me to say is "motsy, please can you lend me a tenner". Or, more seriously, congratulations to all entrants for some great covers and watch out for the next competition, you can't win if you don't play!

Please restrict any comments in this thread to those of a positive nature.
February 2012 Competition Part 2 Winners
Unread 24-02-2012, 13:06

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Well done to the Hobbit and everyone else who entered.....am chuffed as hell that I came third
Unread 24-02-2012, 13:26
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Great win Matush! :) Good Joob i voted for you cover.
Unread 24-02-2012, 13:57
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congrats everyone and specially these 3 characters at the top ;)
well done guys...
"Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss."
Unread 24-02-2012, 14:07
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Thank you to everyone who voted for my cover.

I hope the next contest will be the one film that each of you will be able to demonstrate ability to use the graphics program and an artistic sense.

I think that the front peak of 30% retail use in the poster should do it perfectly, and the rest should be his own invention. Or, do prohibit the use of retail poster for the front cover.

I think that competition would be really interesting.

all the best
Unread 24-02-2012, 14:46
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Well Done VS and Matush

and thanks for everybody who voted for me.

P.S Sorry Kampar can't I'm skint
I'm unable to do any requests due to limited time at the moment. I will however try to post new covers when i can and update collections where possible as well.

All my work is exclusive to customaniacs please do not post elsewhere
Unread 24-02-2012, 16:52
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Congrats matush, got my vote! Well done buddy!

And great work all around everyone!
Unread 24-02-2012, 17:01
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If I say what I mean this is not be in positive nature... Just BRAVO BIG WINNERS MATUSH AND MOTSY...
Unread 24-02-2012, 17:02
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Thanks, appreciate
Unread 24-02-2012, 17:12

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Cheers TomKru - really grown up of you
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