Competition February 2012

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Competition February 2012

It is time for another competition for our talented designers.

If you want to participate you need to design a single cover and label for a movie in the sort you choose (blu-ray or DVD).

You need to make a new DVD cover and a matching label or a new Blu-ray cover and a matching label. Your cover must not have been previously uploaded to any other site.

Here are the rules for the competition:

1. PM me with your intention to enter by the 4th of February (please if you send a PM to enter then DO NOT WITHDRAW without telling us before the 14th of February!)

2. Submit your entry by the 14th of February by emailing it to, you will receive a confirmation when we get the entry.

3. Covers must comply with the site rules

4. You may not post your covers for help, in this forum, or any other. All work must be done by yourself, no assistance! Anyone found doing so will be disqualified.

5. You may submit multiple entries (a maximum of 3 per contestant).

6. All entries are exclusive to Customaniacs and it is not permitted to upload them to other sites.

Winners will be decided, as before, by a public poll. On the 15th/16th of February all entries will be posted and polling will begin.

All entries will be anonymous until the winners are announced.

First place - 75 euros
Second - 50 euros
Third - 25 euros

Payment will be made via paypal.

We reserve the right to withdraw the competition at any time, amend the rules and/or disqualify anyone for breaching the rules.

Good luck all!
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