February 2012 Competition Part 1 Winners

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Unread 19-02-2012, 22:37
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February 2012 Competition Part 1 Winners

Well, the voters have voted, the polls have closed and the numbers are in!

Congratulations to motsy, who wins first prize (75 euros) for his The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray cover and label.

Second prize (50 euros) was Tomkru, for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and third prize (25 euros) was Shevka for J. Edgar.

The other participants were:

The Hunger Games: red
Mirror Mirror: ripley
Top Gun: valen_sinclair
Guys and Dolls: GMan
The Last Samurai: MrHenryDog
Jaws: pico
Dune: motsy
My Fair Lady: valen_sinclair
Secretary: Kampar (who he?)

A special mention for pico as Jaws was his first upload to the site!

Competition results are here: http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/ol...-part-1-a.html

Coming up next - Part 2!

Could all the artists please now upload their covers and labels from this competition to the site (exclusively!) as per the rules.

Please restrict any comments in the thread to those of a positive nature. I will pull any negative comments.
February 2012 Competition Part 1 Winners
Unread 20-02-2012, 00:02

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Congratulations to all!
Unread 20-02-2012, 00:08
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Thanks to all who voted for me and congrats to all who enetered as there were some really nice covers.

I had trouble choosing between guys and dolls and jaws
I'm unable to do any requests due to limited time at the moment. I will however try to post new covers when i can and update collections where possible as well.

All my work is exclusive to customaniacs please do not post elsewhere
Unread 20-02-2012, 00:31

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Good job motsy,
but plesae add a mention that the front artwork for the "Dark Knight Rises" cover was created by myself

EDIT by MHD - TheMadButcher has been credited in the thread for the use of his poster

Last edited by MrHenryDog; 21-02-2012 at 08:26.
Unread 20-02-2012, 01:25
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congrats to all those that won - I like that edgar cover...

an admission, and I hope Kampar doesn't consider this as a negative comment, but I very rarely vote in these competitions (and I didn't vote in this one) - the main reason being that I don't feel qualified to judge as I don't know whether they've used existing artwork from a retail and just tweaked it, or built a new cover from the ground up... I don't make or print movie covers, so i've no great prior knowledge of the artwork available...

I can have an opinion as to whether a cover design is good or not in my view, but I don't have the time/inclination to see what artwork is available and hence judge how much effort has gone into the design... and I don't want to blindly vote without being able to tell the work involved.

anyway, that's my opinion - hopefully not perceived as negative.
Please do not upload any of my covers or labels to any other site - Janusdesign
Unread 20-02-2012, 21:57
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^^^ I usually can spot retail posters/artwork pretty easily. Now I admit, I prefer when they're tweaked or better yet when it's a complete different design altogether but really that's my own taste and I don't have a problem with retail posters. What makes a great cover imo is the overall layout, how things are 'assembled' together, from graphic elements to text and logos. I always look at them as a whole. If it happens to use retail artwork and it works, fine, and if it's more complex then I'll appreciate the effort even more.

My 0.5 cent ;)
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