Competition winners

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Unread 20-07-2007, 23:12
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Competition winners

So after a long and unfortunate delay we can now announce the winners of our second competition.

Despite a lot of moaning about the choices due to the lack of resources it has to be said that you artists are simply proving how customs should be made, with skill and imagination and interpretation of the subject.
This was shown by all entries with the tremendous standard of work unfortunately there can be only one overall winner.

The first 3 places of our second competition go to:

First place : DWEEZ
Second place : CYBERCLOWN
Third place : LULUBELLE

All contestants may upload their work now to the site if they like.

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Unread 20-07-2007, 23:21
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nice one peeps. gratz again
Unread 20-07-2007, 23:33
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Outstanding work all, best entries i've ever seen in any comp anywhere (today). ;)

Any news where my entry came? sure someone deleted it 5 minutes after i uploaded it. (fix)
Unread 21-07-2007, 00:03
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I thought yours was number 8 CR !

Congratz to everyone who entered and to CC and a well deserved first place Dweez.

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Unread 21-07-2007, 00:14
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excellent piece of work dweez, well done
Unread 21-07-2007, 00:23
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Congratz Dweez,
Well Done by all who entered, was a very tough choice.
Unread 21-07-2007, 00:29
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Well done to all. And my choice pleasantly surprised me.
Unread 21-07-2007, 01:32
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All the covers were Outstanding. Well done dweez, CR & lulu.

Amazing work by all who entered, well done guys.
Unread 21-07-2007, 02:12
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Great work by great artists, congrats!
Unread 21-07-2007, 03:27
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man Dweez you are like the yankees , you win everywhere...


do you have a list of how everybody placed?
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