CM-Credits credit font

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CM-Credits credit font

This is a new font set that I created from scratch. I normally use the SteelTongs_Extended font (which can be found at this site) but I found that it sometimes looked a little heavy, and I decided to make my own. I used Zurich Light Extra-Condensed (Zurich LtExCn) as the base, but ended up changing virtually all of the characters to suit my requirements.

This family consists of 4 fonts; regular, italic, bold and bold-italic. When you install all 4 fonts they will show up as a single entry in your font list, but will allow you to toggle the 'Bold' and 'Italic' formatting buttons. The bold version is about the same weight as SteelTongs.

The mapping is quite different from SteelTongs. I was quite used to remembering that "DIRECTED BY" was at 0107, "PRODUCED BY" was at 0106, and "MUSIC BY" was at 099, etc. These corresponded to keys 'k', 'j' and 'c', respectively, which never made much sense to me. I have remapped these titles so that, as much as possible, the first character of the title name maps to the key. So "DIRECTED BY" maps to 'd', "PRODUCED BY" maps to 'p' and "MUSIC BY" maps to 'm'. Many titles share the same first character, of course, so I had to break that rule several times. The bundled character map shows all the main keyboard mappings.

Another notable difference is that I didn't include all the single-line credit entries; things like "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" "PRESENTS" and "PRESENT", etc. I wanted to leave some extra un-assigned characters for future additions, and all those text elements are really simple to just type in manually, using a smaller font size. I focused on the 2-line titles, which are more difficult to add manually.

If you need to add some lower-case characters in proper names, like the first 'i' in 'DiCAPRIO', just use the Zurich LtXCn font at the same size (or Zurich XCn for the bold version). But all upper-case characters should be typed in the CM-Credit font, so that the sizes match perfectly; the characters in this new font are a little taller than Zurich.

Accented characters are also included; grave, acute, circumflex, cedilla, umlaut and tilde. These are 'zero-width' characters, so they actually superimpose themselves on top of the character previous to your insertion point. For instance, you would type a 'C' character then the 'Cedilla' character (ALT+0128) and you end up with an accented 'C'. The Acute and Grave accents are optimized for 'E', Cedilla for 'C' and the Tilde and Umlaut for 'O'. Since characters are of varying widths, these accents may not be correctly centered if you use them in other combinations. For instance, if you want to put the Circumflex on an 'E' then it will not be centered perfectly because 'E' is narrower than 'O'; you'll have to use your character formatting commands to shift it a bit to the right.

Feel free to comment, or to ask for additions and changes.
CM-Credits credit font
  The "" WATERMARK wil only be shown in the low-resolution preview and not in the high-resolution download!
  Download the high-resolution files here:
CM-Credits.rar (436.1 KB,  111 downloaders )
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