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February 2012 Competition Part 1 Winners

Well, the voters have voted, the polls have closed and the numbers are in!

Congratulations to motsy, who wins first prize (75 euros) for his The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray cover and label.

Second prize (50 euros) was Tomkru, for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and third prize (25 euros) was Shevka for J. Edgar.

The other participants were:

The Hunger Games: red
Mirror Mirror: ripley
Top Gun: valen_sinclair
Guys and Dolls: GMan
The Last Samurai: MrHenryDog
Jaws: pico
Dune: motsy
My Fair Lady: valen_sinclair
Secretary: Kampar (who he?)

A special mention for pico as Jaws was his first upload to the site!

Competition results are here:

Coming up next - Part 2!

Could all the artists please now upload their covers and labels from this competition to the site (exclusively!) as per the rules.

Please restrict any comments in the thread to those of a positive nature. I will pull any negative comments.
February 2012 Competition Part 1 Winners