Matlock dvd cover

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Matlock dvd cover

Retail fronts/backs with rebuilt spines - all covers are 3240x2175 (Amaray).

if you download the original scans, you will see that the spines are not aligned with each other.. hence the need to rebuild and align them...

a set of matching labels are also available - Matlock

Thanks goes to MHD for the scans...
Matlock dvd cover
Matlock dvd cover
Matlock dvd cover
Matlock dvd cover
  The "" WATERMARK wil only be shown in the low-resolution preview and not in the high-resolution download!
  Download the high-resolution files here:
Matlock s1.rar (5.31 MB,  28 downloaders )
Matlock s2.rar (4.92 MB,  29 downloaders )
Matlock s3.rar (6.22 MB,  29 downloaders )
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Please do not upload any of my covers or labels to any other site - Janusdesign

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