Maniac Vs Manic Challenge 2

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Unread 06-02-2009, 20:08
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Maniac Vs Manic Challenge 2

Congratulations again to Chillseeker for winning the last challenge and walking away with 75 Euros.
We now have two new challengers - with two fantastic covers - this is going to be another close one I think - good luck!


If you would like to challenge and be in with a chance of winning 75 Euros then please PM me

Maniac Vs Manic Challenge 2
Maniac Vs Manic Challenge 2
Maniac Vs Manic Challenge 2

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Unread 06-02-2009, 20:19
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i think it would have been better if they did the same cover as for there films they are both good and its hard to contrast the 2, therefore it has to be taen on as art and talent - but both have alot of art out and frost doesnt require big grx whereas the mummy does.
i think Frost wins for me for being simple.
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Unread 06-02-2009, 20:22

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oh not easy,all looks great
but i vote for frost nixon
Unread 06-02-2009, 20:23
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I tend to agree with Trix....I think it would have been better if both were the same film. I went with frost also mostly because It seemed to draw me in. Was a tough call though as I think that is the best Mummy Trilogy Cover I have seen. Good luck to you both.
Unread 06-02-2009, 20:32

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Its to hard to call because they are two different covers,

I will vote for the mummy.
Unread 06-02-2009, 20:38

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Both v good but mummy gets it.
Unread 06-02-2009, 20:38

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Both great work, but for me its the Frost/Nixon cover though, looks a nice stark serious cover for a serious film. The Mummy trilogy looks great but the one criticism I have is the embossing work looks a little OTT, just my opinion though.
Unread 06-02-2009, 21:06
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Very hard to choose between them but I preferred Frost/Nixon
Unread 06-02-2009, 21:06

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frost one is the one a rekon
Unread 06-02-2009, 21:12

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I vote for the mummy
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