Coma dvd label

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Coma dvd label

Custom R1 label for "Coma" (1978). The original is a DS-SL disc.

Ten cases. Now 12. Why are young, healthy patients admitted for minor surgery at Boston Memorial Hospital ending up on life support? Dr. Susan Wheeler wants to know. Somebody else wants her dead.

Long before he created ER, Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, Twister) adapted and directed this medical chiller based on Robin Cook's bestseller. Genevieve Bujold plays Wheeler, trailing clues, clambering along ductways, hiding among morgue cadavers, infiltrating the eerie Jefferson institute (an unforgettable marvel of spooky technology) and persuading her skeptical boyfriend and fellow doctor Mark (Michael Douglas) that her suspicions are not mere paranoia. For thriller fans, Coma is heartpoundingly good medicine.

Coma dvd label

  Download the high-resolution files here:
coma_r1_label_cstm.rar (2.11 MB,  downloaders )
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I needed this! Thank you!

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