The Only 12 Contest

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Unread 08-01-2010, 23:05
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The Only 12 Contest

Why only 12?

Because that's all that are allowed to enter this month and the first 12 to send in the pm to me are the contestants.

The rules:

Choose a film from the request section and make a cover and disc, if the request is for Blu-Ray then do Blu-Ray. If the request is only for a disc you still need to do a cover as well. NOTE: Thins are not needed.

You need to give me your choices. Only 2 covers sets can be submitted per film, so if 2 others have already selected that film then I will ask you for another choice.

Do a quick check to make sure the request is not already on site.

Only choose requests created before 1st January 2010.

You will have approximately 10 days to submit your cover, exact dates will be advised once all contestants have been confirmed.

If you fail to make a cover after agreeing to enter, you will be excluded from the next 2 contests.

You cannot change your choice once it has been allocated to you.

There will be just one round of voting to decide who gets the prizes.

The Prizes:

The cover getting the most votes wins and will receive 75 Euros

Second place will receive 50 Euros

Third place will receive 25 Euros


So get choosing and waste no time in getting your pm to me, send me the 3 films choices and the link to each request.

I will publish a list of claimed films as they happen (or the soonest I can) :)

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Unread 09-01-2010, 20:13
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Claimed threads

Elektra Blu-ray - Both places claimed.
Twilight New Moon Blu-ray - Both places claimed.
Matrix Collection - Blu-Ray spacesaver - 1 place claimed
North By Northwest - 1 place claimed
John Adams BR - 1 place claimed
Young Frankenstein BR - 1 place claimed
Heat BR - Both places claimed
Child's Play BR - 1 place claimed
Pirates of The Caribbean Trilogy BR - 1 place claimed

All 12 spaces now filled.

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