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Zootopia blu-ray cover

This is a Blu-ray cover for Zootopia, done in both the 12mm (3173 x 1762) spine size, and the 14mm (3212 x 1762) spine size. With and without front pagecurl.

The rest of the collection is available HERE

Matching label available HERE
Zootopia blu-ray cover
Zootopia blu-ray cover

  Download the high-resolution files here:
Zootopia BD.rar (4.66 MB,  downloaders )
Zootopia BD no pagecurl.rar (4.66 MB,  downloaders )
Zootopia 14mm BD.rar (4.73 MB,  downloaders )
Zootopia 14mm BD no pagecurl.rar (4.69 MB,  downloaders )

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