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The Prisoner (1960s) dvd cover

As a follow-up to my coverset, here is a set of covers for "The Prisoner".

i've split all 17 episodes over 3 volumes - but as the episode order is different between the R1 and R2 releases, i've created a different set for each region.

matching labels are also available - The Prisoner (1960s)

all covers are 3240px and as with my recent covers in this style, there are two different versions available - the standard tinted version (as used on my Poirot / Holmes and Kampar's Frost/Midsomer covers), and another version that has removed the tint and uses just the original colour... both versions are in the same .rar file.

thanks to Kampar for the use of his template.
The Prisoner (1960s) dvd cover

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