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133 - The Vanishing

Thinpak conversion of the cover scan of Criterion issue of "The Vanishing (1988)" (Spine #133). Standard Amaray scan is posted here and the label scan is posted here.

A young man begins an obsessive search for his girlfriend after she mysteriously disappears during their sunny vacation getaway. His three-year investigation draws the attention of her abductor, a seemingly mild-mannered professor who, in truth, harbors a diabolically clinical and calculating mind. When the kidnapper contacts the man and promises to reveal his lover’s fate, The Vanishing unfolds with intense precision, culminating in a genuinely chilling finale that has unnerved audiences around the world.

133 - The Vanishing

  Download the high-resolution files here:
133_vanishing_cc_cover_tp.rar (1.03 MB,  downloaders )