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Dirty Dancing dvd label

R1 label of the Collector's Edition of "Dirty Dancing (1987)".

The label's design is based on the retail label. However, the retail is a large hub disc with circular text in the middle. I have made labels for both full-face and large hub discs. For the large hub the original specs are in curved text in the middle as per the retail design. The relevant one can be downloaded as per requirement. It is reiterated that this is not a 2-disc set.

It's summer, 1963. Baby (Grey), 17 years old and innocent, is vacationing with her parents in the Catskills. While exploring the resort grounds late one evening, she is drawn to the staff quarters by stirring music. There she meets Johnny (Swayze), the hotel dance instructor, who is as experienced in life as Baby is naďve. Mesmerized by the sexy beats and uninhibited movements of "dirty dancing," Baby soon becomes Johnny's prize pupil--in dance and in love.

Dirty Dancing dvd label

  Download the high-resolution files here:
dirty_dancing_ce_r1_label_cstm_full_face.rar (786.1 KB,  downloaders )
dirty_dancing_ce_r1_label_cstm_large_hub.rar (792.7 KB,  downloaders )

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