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Star is Born, A dvd cover

Scan of R1 cover of George Cukor directed, Judy Garland starrer A Star Is Born (1954)

A Star Is Born marked Judy Garland's return to movies after a four-year absence, director George Cukor's first musical and first color film, and a showcase for great Harold Arlen/Ira Gershwin songs in state-of-the-art stereo. Garland is singer Esther Blodgett, an undeniable talent on the rise. She catches the eye of Norman Maine (James Mason), an alcoholic actor in career decline. Their intense love transforms them both. Only one will survive Hollywood's slings and arrows.

Star is Born, A dvd cover

  Download the high-resolution files here:
star_is_born_r1_cover_300.rar (3.98 MB,  downloaders )

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