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Bobble 15-12-2006 19:21

The Norman Wisdom Collection
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The Norman Wisdom Collection

gomper 05-07-2007 02:06

Thank you!

pcaddictt 05-07-2007 09:11

i just love these classics - Norman was stunning - my collection will look superb under this single cover - thankyou

steelman1991 16-07-2007 14:23

Excellent Bobble, the missus loves Norman (Mr Grimsdale) Wisdom and her discs will look great in this.

goldenwolf 28-10-2007 20:23

nice work,cheers mate.

hap3toker 21-02-2008 15:09

big thanks

Bobble 11-03-2008 07:16

You are all most welcome,



bodget 11-03-2008 23:12

Many thanks for the gr8 spacesaver, It's much appreciated.

Bobble 12-03-2008 18:31

Did this one a long time ago,I know you can get 12 DVD Boxes now but I have found it's almost impossible to print a cover for the dimensions.If you would like 2 x's 6 boxes I am sure I could have a go,



modell 28-06-2009 18:06

Thanks for this Bobble

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