Matlock dvd label

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Matlock dvd label

Here are a set of labels to match the covers I did with rebuilt spines (so they match) -

i've created six discs for each season (apart from the first season which has seven)... had to be a little creative with the third season as the main image was difficult to fit into the label...

I will continue this set when the other seasons are released.
Matlock dvd label
  The "" WATERMARK wil only be shown in the low-resolution preview and not in the high-resolution download!
  Download the high-resolution files here:
matlock labels s1.rar (9.35 MB,  31 downloaders )
matlock labels s2.rar (8.30 MB,  28 downloaders )
matlock labels s3.rar (8.10 MB,  30 downloaders )
matlock labels s4.rar (10.37 MB,  32 downloaders )
matlock labels s5.rar (8.48 MB,  33 downloaders )
matlock labels s6.rar (7.07 MB,  31 downloaders )
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Please do not upload any of my covers or labels to any other site - Janusdesign

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