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chasercovers 27-03-2009 17:29

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As a fan of the TV Collection by Kaleigha and Donnie, I downloaded almost all of their work. Missing some great tv-series, and hopefully it's appreciated, I started from scratch and created a matching coverset for Airwolf.

Credits to Kaleigha and Donnie!!

shadrach 01-04-2009 19:59

nice set are you going to do season 4 so the set is complete please

chasercovers 02-04-2009 07:38

Season 4? You mean the completely different "sequel" tv-show with the same name...

When I find some high res pictures, i'll complete the set.

shadrach 04-04-2009 18:16

i didn't realize that they were separate looking at venom's labels but s4 would be appreciated

thanks shadrach

kelder13 25-04-2009 10:11

thanks for the covers

KTFish7 08-07-2009 17:42

Was so happy to find this, am actually putting together the airwolf series for a friend, these are going to look great on his shelf. And yeah, season 4 wasn't really the same, but it is part of the series, so, yeah, I'm gonna have to throw my name in the hat for wanting to see a cover for it also. Thanks Chaser

caliberman 03-08-2009 23:09

Great work, many thanks for your time :thu

KTFish7 06-08-2009 22:50

Chaser, any chance of a 14m spine set ?

staypuftman2004 12-10-2009 16:20

Still planning on doing Season 4?

chasercovers 13-10-2009 13:07

After I'm finished with E.R. (30 covers :run ).

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