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CavemanLawyer 28-07-2007 22:06

Dallas Season 1-5
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Not a fan of the show but someone requested this...

Bobble 06-11-2007 13:08

Nice covers but does anyone supply a 10 discs box for these sized covers?

3240 x 2175 dimensions should be 3384 x 2175

Just an observation


RDog 23-11-2007 14:45

Any chance for Season 7?

Lucan63 23-11-2007 23:33

Hey CL, as Bobble said:

seasons 1&2=10 discs
season 3=9
" 4=8
" 5=9
" 6=5
" 7=5

Nice work on these btw!

bigbird7178 13-02-2008 11:33

thanks great cover

davethejinxster 05-12-2008 17:14

hi nice covers any chance of finishing the series off as it did last for 14!!!

many thanks in advance

bluenose1107 30-12-2008 14:31

thanks for the good work

conca666 22-05-2009 10:32

does anyone have season 7-10 dvd box covers

CavemanLawyer 30-05-2009 16:10

Sorry I've neglected this series, these covers just never interested me much and I can't find any resources for these films either. I'm going to try to finish up this series soon though.

As for the size, here is the case for this size:

Maybe not the best choice but the # of discs varies from each season so I wanted something uniform that would look the same and hold the discs the same (no trays left empty) regardless of how many discs there were.

flazzer 18-10-2009 22:46

Thanks Have Yoy Anymore Series

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