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LinkTGF 08-04-2007 22:11

Married With Children - Season 1-11
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Married With Children - Season 1-11

toxotis 01-01-2008 18:17

thank you very much!!but why i cant download it??

coolwolf 31-01-2008 17:17

great cover set for a great comedy

ces123 07-05-2008 20:32

These are great covers, but what cases did you use ? These look like 9mm spines, but each season is 3 Discs and the smallest spine i could find is 14mm.

LinkTGF 26-01-2009 10:49

working on a completely new set, now that hi-res artwork has surfaced not too long ago!
Yes, standard size cases will be used!

lukaszplpl 21-02-2009 10:00

When can we expect new set?

goldenwolf 21-02-2009 13:15

excellent set ,cheers mate.

LinkTGF 13-03-2009 19:55

@lukaszplpl: I'm going to start serious work on it, maybe this upcoming week. I finally have a free week now that it's spring break! Doesn't that last sentence just tell you so much about me? I'd rather stay at home and make DVD covers than go out to Mexico and celebrate like a true college student! Haha!

Biffo 16-03-2009 01:34

This is great! Thank You!

ces123 02-08-2009 23:45

Any update on when you think you will complete the new spines ? Thanks

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