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janusdesign 15-08-2010 12:46

Agatha Christie's Poirot
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A complete coverset for Agatha Christie's Poirot - includes all series upto the final episode "Curtain: Poirot's Last Case".

Because there are five episodes in the final series, there are two Series 13 covers - one showing all five episodes, the other shows the first four episodes... with an additional optional 'Series 14' cover to contain "Curtain" separately.

matching labels are also available - http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/tv...es-poirot.html

all covers are 3240 - most series are 3/4 discs, with the exception of Series 7 and Series 8 which were two discs each - and so have been combined to one case to save shelf space... also, Series 13 has either 4 or 5 discs.

I've also taken this opportunity to replace some of the front images, and added colour image versions of some of the covers - it was not possible to add colour front images for all series as some of the images were b&w to begin with - the colour versions are included in the series rar file.

thanks to Kampar for the use of his template.

janusdesign 15-08-2010 12:51

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Series 1-4

janusdesign 15-08-2010 12:55

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Series 5-9

janusdesign 15-08-2010 12:59

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Series 10-12

janusdesign 15-08-2010 13:00

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Series 13... and an optional 'Series 14'.

there are separate covers for this series containing either 4 or 5 episodes - if you want only 4 episodes, then download the 4 episode cover and 'Series 14' for "Curtain"... otherwise, download the 5 episode cover for all episodes from the final series.

IWALY 27-01-2011 16:17

These are very lovely. Ever considered doing a set for the Miss Marple series?

tooorangey 10-02-2011 12:50

Top class, well done ! Many thanks

krazykat1 15-04-2011 13:08

Thnank you

tilou53 11-08-2011 23:15

very nice thanks

JanenRia 27-10-2012 10:13

Very nice work

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