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zecompadre 28-06-2010 20:48

House 2-5
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House Seasons 2 to 5 Alternate

Matching Donnie's CoverSet -> http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/do...929-house.html

cas 28-06-2010 21:07

wow wow that is kind of cool thanks

chasercovers 29-06-2010 07:02

Wow...are we all going to do this template now? And if so...at least try to line up the spine pictures like we all do...

zecompadre 29-06-2010 21:35

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what ? all spines are align ! i've jst replaced the main picture ain spine small pic ! all is equal to donnies covers !

i've just done this chaneg because the original collection has just house on main picture !

original spine :


alternate spine :

chasercovers 30-06-2010 17:05

The pictures of the heads on the spine are not lining up. Big, small...If you look at Donnie's the eyes are all on one line and the heads are the same size.

zecompadre 01-07-2010 15:13

its my imandix version and my preview made in photoshop ! but the covers are equal , i've not done any redimentions ! just replace main pictures !

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