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jkasanic 13-01-2008 01:01

The Last Legion
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The Last Legion / 2007 / R1

Cover was created from the Blockbuster Exclusive release so technically it's not the true R1 release. Special features box and UPC are the only differences. I redid almost everything below the screen caps to match the non-BB R1 release.

Hutchie 13-01-2008 01:22

Many thanks!

miang 13-01-2008 14:10

Nice modification, jkasanic! :thu

ukphil53 13-02-2008 12:57

Thanks you, jkasanic

Rovi 18-02-2008 12:43

Excellent, thanks.

klipios 10-06-2011 12:56

very 6hx

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