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Kampar 25-04-2008 15:42

Ice Age 2
2 Attachment(s)
From a raw scan by ClarkKent78

Active8 14-09-2008 10:10

Nice Blu scan, thanks

rouillard49 11-10-2009 21:23


aek2722 02-11-2009 20:44

I am sorry, but I can't tell that it is a nice scan.

The contrast is set too high, so all the whites are crushed in the left small photo. Also all the colors in the main photo are distorted, due to the very high level of contrast... :333

tooddum 20-01-2010 21:15

thank you

rouillard49 14-04-2010 22:56


7800gt 21-06-2010 09:07

THANKS you........:)

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