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00Daddio 27-09-2007 18:17

HD DVD & Blue Ray PS Action
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As per the request of the Boss here is a Photoshop action set for a Customaniacs HD DVD & Blue Ray preview (cover dimmensions 3120x1740). This is exclusive to Customaniacs members only, Please do NOT redistribute this file in any way. Enjoy :thu

Shadow_Dancer 27-09-2007 18:20

thank you for these

corrme 27-09-2007 18:38

am i correct in thinking this is for the elite style case, any chance of one for the slightly fatter spine amaray case (as thats the covers i do) ?? thanks

00Daddio 27-09-2007 19:01

Sorry corrme, I personally do not use hd dvd or blue ray yet. The only reason I made this set was because HvB asked me to, so I got the dimensions from HS's post in the site rules here and then downloaded a template to work from. I would have no problem making another set but I think maybe I need to find out the most common format on the site first.

corrme 27-09-2007 19:10

there are 2 sizes allowed the one you have done & the one i make covers for :D

HvB 27-09-2007 19:33

Great stuff 00daddio, any chance on adding the words on top like on the original cases?


00Daddio 27-09-2007 21:38

Unfortunately Boss I haven't figured out a way to incorporate the logos into the cases that will work for everyone. if I were to do it with a font or a brush to add the logo's then the action would not work if someone did not have that particular font or brush installed. the only thing I can think of is to add the logos as small psd files and have have everone who installs the action also install the logos in the same folder. That should work I'll have to give it a test run first and see what hppens, I will let you know soon.


HvB 27-09-2007 21:43

As far as I can see on the others they are logos in the red/ blue colour top

00Daddio 27-09-2007 21:47

Exactly and unless I use a seperate jpg for the case and have people open it first each time they use the action I have to try it the other way with the .psd files as explained before.

00Daddio 28-09-2007 20:18

Sorry Boss I still haven't figured out a way to incorporate the logos into the cases but am still working on it I did however update the file and add a PS3 version.

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