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chewbacca98 17-07-2007 19:06

Transformers Logos
3 Attachment(s)
Autobot and Decepticon logos.

In seperate documents because together the file size is too big to upload. (sorry)

Autobot image size is 1800 x 1790 @ 300 ppi. (6.000 x 5.967 inches)

Decepticon image size is 1800 x 2041 @ 300 ppi. (6.000 x 6.803 inches)

Both images are in PSD format on transparent backgrounds and have the drop shadow.

LB 17-07-2007 19:18

bloody fantastic!! Been looking for these....thank you!

LB 17-07-2007 20:02

and seeing as moviefan2k4 downloaded these and didn't say...thank you from him too....

moviefan2k4 17-07-2007 20:30

Hey, I was gonna post myself, I just got wrapped up in offline garbage. I got a huge kick out of these, so thanks, Chewie...

Nightrider 19-07-2007 17:15

They are fantastic, many thanks.

madhouse 24-08-2007 10:53

cheers for your time and effort in making these mate.

Kaleigha 23-09-2009 18:38

Thanks very much for these.

Morpheo 09-10-2011 04:33

many thanks chewie :)

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