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bishftl 26-04-2011 04:06

Blu-Ray Flat Preview Actions PSD
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Blu-Ray Flat Preview Actions

Flat preview actions for single cases
Sizes include
Blu-ray 1 Disc (3173x1762 11mm)
Blu-ray 6 Disc (3317x1762 25mm)

instructions included (Read First)
Easy to use.
Pm if any problems

Multi-case Blu-ray coming soon.

Defiant 19-05-2011 02:09

Thank you...

psycodelic 21-07-2011 22:00

Many thanks!

cem3203 01-08-2011 13:27

Got error (the object "layer"spine 46x633" is not currently available.
Any Suggets ?

Dack 16-09-2011 18:14

I got an error , first time. You need to follow instructions spot on.
you need to load your cover first,
then get the preview ie:-(BLU-RAY 6 DISC FLAT (3317x1762) 25mm) from where you saved it, (mine is in documents)
then press action
easy even I can do it

thanx bishftl

maddogdesigns 02-06-2012 22:39

Bishti have you got a 3212x1763 (170 spine) bluray action script has the action i have been using is slightly off, because when you put your image on to the action script, the spine is slightly off. So if you do have this action, it would be great, if you could post it too me or put it on the site. Thanks maddogdesigns.

ArnoS 01-11-2012 21:47

Nice Themplate M8

Donnie 11-11-2012 15:30

Thanks Perfect as always

enzoo 03-01-2013 23:07


Cactus45 28-04-2013 08:21

Really thanks

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