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Morpheo 28-07-2010 17:00

Customaniacs Multi-Label Preview
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Multi-Label preview action for Photoshop.

Add this set to your actions palette, open your labels, select the corresponding action and press play. If your labels are disc 1, disc 2, disc 3 etc, *you have to open them in the right order*.

This will work in CS4 and CS5. Though they're probably compatible with pre-CS4 flavors, I have NOT tested them in previous versions.

Some issues have been reported/experienced with the first version. I made a new one 100% bug-free ;) It works as follows: stack your labels on top of each of other as multiple layers and just select the proper action. DON'T RENAME THE LAYERS (the first one is the Background, then layer 1, layer 2, etc). Tested on CS4 and CS5.

*21.05.2011 - UPDATE - VERSION - 2.1*
- Now works with any label, not just 1500x1500px. Thanks to Kampar for letting me know.

Enjoy :)

tij2001 28-07-2010 17:12

Cheers pal :) :thu

goldenwolf 28-07-2010 18:07

Brilliant,thanks for your time.

Dangle 30-07-2010 12:30

Must give this a go, cheers Morpheo :thu

spaceman 10-08-2010 19:43

Thanks mate great work

R0BB0 13-08-2010 01:22

This looks handy .. many thanks :)

bishftl 15-08-2010 10:02

great job, havent had time to make these yet. no need now.thanks

sleepyhead 15-08-2010 21:27

Cheers Morpheo this will come in very handy m8.

Dack 20-08-2010 18:03

I'll give this a try, looks good

easylife 30-08-2010 13:45

cheers morph

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