Bitten Season 1 blu-ray cover

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Bitten Season 1 blu-ray cover

Like I am not far enough behind on things, I was dumb enough to take on a "real life" request for a friend. She liked certain parts of previous covers I had done, and wanted me to combine a few different elements from them into a cover for the tv show Bitten. Uh, sure?

Anyways, there is a 12mm (3173 x 1762) and a 14mm (3212 x 1762) spine version available.

The rest of the collection can be found HERE

Matching labels HERE
Bitten Season 1 blu-ray cover
Bitten Season 1 blu-ray cover
  The "" WATERMARK wil only be shown in the low-resolution preview and not in the high-resolution download!
  Download the high-resolution files here:
Bitten Season 1 BD.rar (2.99 MB,  7 downloaders )
Bitten Season 1 14mm BD.rar (2.96 MB,  9 downloaders )
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