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Kaleigha 20-03-2013 04:46

Iron Man
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I have had quite a few requests to do the blu-ray collection in something other than black and white, since it looks dull on the shelf. Because I am not particularly bright, I decided to slowly do a colored version as well. No guarantees that all will get done, but I will do the ones that I can.

This is for the movie Iron Man. There are two different backgrounds, each with two sizes. Version one is the animated background, version two is a metal background. Both come in the 3173 x 1762 12mm spine and the 3212 x 1762 14mm spine sizes.

The rest of the color collection is available HERE.
Black and White version can be found HERE
Matching label HERE

cas 20-03-2013 16:09

wow wow wow great wondeful job as always thanks

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