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Kaleigha 23-04-2011 04:03

I am Number Four
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I have been working on this one for a while now, but finally got off my butt and got it finished. I didn't make up a label, since there are already quite a few on-site that will match. This one is 3173 x 1762.

TomKru R.I.P. 23-04-2011 04:08

Fantastic work m8.

cas 23-04-2011 07:34

wow wow cool work as always

halo99 23-04-2011 13:07

is got my vote for cover of the month

ripley 23-04-2011 15:05

Another hit for kaleigha.
Beautiful cover miss !

Kaleigha 24-04-2011 04:56

Thanks very much guys, much appreciated.

ChoudderBoy 12-05-2011 21:21

lovely cover many thanks

universegames 27-05-2011 03:38


Defiant 28-05-2011 03:21

Very nice, thank you.

bodget 19-06-2011 00:56

Many thanks for the fab cover.

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