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psycodelic 25-04-2009 18:52

201 Frames For Photoshop
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201 Frames For Photoshop

ripley 25-04-2009 19:01

i'm a huge fan of frames, and before doing it myself, i'll take these.
Thank you veru much for the sharing mate.
i appreciate this kind of thing very much too.

psycodelic 25-04-2009 19:09

Thanks ripley..

just realised these are Bipmap images.. in order to use them in photoshop convert to grayscale .. image-mode-grayscale then use the magic wand (W) tool to remove the white areas.. hope this helps

Hailstorm 29-04-2009 01:58

Guess One can use 201 frames, many thanks.

valen_sinclair 30-04-2009 21:58

thanks :D....

keenon 01-05-2009 13:58

These should be useful......thank you very much:thu

bluenose1107 02-05-2009 01:08

thanks mate i'm sure i will find a task for these

user 14-06-2009 19:45

Going to have to give these a look

Morpheo 20-10-2009 05:23

These are great, thank you.

johnny64 22-10-2009 03:32

Thank You very much psycho.

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