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Supreme Taco 18-07-2007 18:59

007 - James Bond
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Ultimate Collection - all labels are 1500x1500 pixels

This set includes the 21 official James Bond Movies released so far and also "Never Say Never Again." This set does NOT include the 1967 version of Casino Royale nor any documentaries/Bonus discs. But I have also included a layered PSD file that can be used in PSP or Photoshop. You only need to add a title, then colorize the background layer. This PSD will allow you to make extra films and if I should disappear again in the future, anybody is welcome to continue this label set.

You have my permission to share the labels you make with the PSD and upload to this website (you may still need to ask admin), but please do not upload my PSD or labels to another website. I only ask that you mention my name in the description when you upload here.

I tried to fit as many into a rar file as possible, but because of file size limits on the site, it took a few. sorry.

Please do not message me with requests.

uncle_sammy 19-07-2007 12:29

Sweet set Taco!!!

DeansPalley 19-07-2007 14:05

Very Cool. Thanks Taco

Supreme Taco 19-07-2007 16:06

thanks guys. i printed these on silver printable discs and the effect is really cool. so check it out if you've got them.

Nice to see you again uncle sammy. :)

Nightrider 19-07-2007 17:08

Very nice set indeed, and also good to you around again.

uncle_sammy 20-07-2007 22:31

Thanks ST...yeah haven't been around too much lately, little ones are keeping me too busy!!! Not to mention spending all my dvd buying money on themselves!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!!

Donnie 21-07-2007 00:16

These are Great, ummm so where were these when I needed them.
Oh Well , Very Nice work.

IWALY 06-08-2007 10:54

Great set. Thank you very much :)

timberflake 06-08-2007 13:26

Fantastic work, thanks for these ST

johnny64 07-11-2007 12:43

Thanks Taco, These are awesome.

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