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CyberClown 18-07-2007 11:47

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If you are going to download this,please take the time to leave a comment.Thanks :)

As always your comments,help & support are much appreciated
Hope you like .

Label 3..........

Matching Cover Available

CyberClown 19-07-2007 17:13

:lie Many Thanks to Morpheus who liked the Tansformer labels that much he downloaded them all .Thanks for taking the time to comment Morpheus

dodgy_guy 24-07-2007 00:08

OK - got to say Im lovin this - nice job mate and thanks for all your efforts. Love using my credits getting your stuff :D

det66 30-07-2007 20:30

i really do like this set cheers dude

Hambone 12-08-2007 22:29

Thanks alot for taking time to make thse great labels and covers .

batman05 17-08-2007 18:15

many thanks

racer747x 14-09-2007 02:12

very nice labels

D8TA 23-09-2007 16:15

Really like this - you've tried quite a different colour set than others I've seen and works. Much appreciated!

leo1963 10-11-2007 20:42

This will work perfect for Dsic 2. Thanks.

Rovi 30-11-2007 17:55

Fantastic, as usual. :)

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