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Heirofthedog 15-08-2007 16:17

Re-Animator Trilogy
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Re-Animator Trilogy

Designed for the millenium double disc edition of Re-Animator + the standard single disc releases of the other 2 films.


Boonsaint 15-08-2007 16:22

Groovy matey. Still say Barbera Cramptons boobs would have been a nice addition though. ;)

Heirofthedog 15-08-2007 16:24

look u got my arm with a nice bit of flob on it so be grateful!!

Boonsaint 15-08-2007 16:32

Your arm never helped to get me through my lonely teenage years. It probably helped with yours, but thats another story.

Heirofthedog 15-08-2007 16:33

Dude its a left arm!!!! I may be kackhanded but that really is another story!!!

Boonsaint 15-08-2007 16:34

Yeah well one arm has to work the remote!

Freddy_Krueger 02-11-2007 10:28

The best I haver saw for this trilogy... Congrats

marginal_error 02-11-2007 13:13

Now THIS is one I'd like to see in a cover contest!

RoyaleB 25-06-2008 21:28

Nice work - thanks

serniukas 17-02-2010 23:16

superb cover

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