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bdking 15-12-2010 15:33


gantz 28-12-2010 19:56

Thank you

silvip2002 30-12-2010 16:36

gr8 job...thx alot

wrist 26-03-2011 11:16

Nice One Morpheo Many Thanx :thu

neo_y2k 06-07-2011 07:18

good job

mzbsin 18-07-2011 08:29


muvivision 27-07-2011 10:45

good job

claudio55 19-08-2011 15:09


claudio55 19-08-2011 15:10

muchas gracias

WujouMao 26-10-2011 23:48

Your cover looks even better than the UK cover. Bought my blu's from Amazon UK. should get in a few days, then i'll swap for your cover. But at the mo, i'm not sure how big the case would be. As a Brit, i hate the idea of big fat Blu cases as wide as DVD cases.

Dexter US Blu's are 3 disc thin packs. Wish UK had the same concept. Anyhow, cheers mate.:thu

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