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HvB 05-05-2012 20:15

April 2012 Contest
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Let the voting begin!!

VincentLupo 05-05-2012 22:00

Some superb entries. Well done.

CARMAN 06-05-2012 03:04


ALEX1ALEX 06-05-2012 05:58


Shevka 06-05-2012 11:47

I vote for New Town Killers, great cover and original layout. :hu

I have found very particular the list of films for the competition. I have not seen one. Many never arrived in my country. So it's hard to know if the covers are suited to the film.

I voted for the cover with more personal development and attention to detail.

Bostancili 06-05-2012 12:11

super jobs

pdesir 06-05-2012 22:46

number 1

scooby.758 07-05-2012 03:08

nice jobbys

patnaude1 07-05-2012 03:37

Loved the Movie "Panic Button" and in turn the cover

sndgrdn 07-05-2012 11:55

as usual all great works of art, but as difficult as it was, I voted for 'Panic Button". It looked way professional - lke what the stdios would put out. Amazing!

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