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TV Collection

Preview of all the titles in mine, Darksaber's, and Stusdvdartwork's TV Collection - so far! 1229 covers and an amazing 6023 labels so far.....
Name:  00001.jpg
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Name:  00002.jpg
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Name:  00003.jpg
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Name:  00004.jpg
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Name:  00006.jpg
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Name:  00007.jpg
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Name:  00008.jpg
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Name:  00009.jpg
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Name:  00010.jpg
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Name:  00011.jpg
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Name:  00018.jpg
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Name:  00019.jpg
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Darksabers Covers:
Blade: The Complete Series - TV Collection
Stargate Infinity - TV Collection
Stargate - The Movie
V Complete Collection
Stargate SG1 - Children of the Gods - TV Collection

Stusdvdartworks Covers:

Valen_Sinclairs Covers:
Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire - TV Collection
Police Squad - TV Collection
Coupling - TV Collection

Darksaber's Labels

5th December 2010
Added Misfits S2
Completed Felicity S1 - S4
Completed Luther S1
Completed Adventure Inc. The Complete Series

14th December 2010
Added HawethoRNe S2
Added Life Unexpected S2
Added Law & Order: UK S2

16th December 2010
Added Psych S5

17th December 2010
Completed Everwood S1 - S4

19th December 2010
Added Weeds S6
Added Medium S7

21st December 2010
Added Burn Notice S4

27th December 2010
Added Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9

29th December 2010
Added Merlin S3

31st December 2010
Added Stargate Universe S2
Completed Level 9 The Complete Series
Completed Undercovers The Complete Series

2nd January 2011
Completed Quantum Leap S1 - S5

20th January 2011
Completed The Whole Truth The Complete Series

30th January 2011
Added Human Target S2
Added Being Erica S3
Added Being Human S3
Added The Closer S6
Added Friday Night Lights S5

31st January 2011
Added In Plain Sight S3
Added Primeval S4
Completed The X-Files Movies
Completed Pandemic The Complete Miniseries
Completed Snoops The Complete Series
Completed Special Unit 2 The Complete Series
Completed Homicide: Life On The Street S1 - S7

1st February 2011
Completed The Twilight Zone (2002) The Complete Series
Completed Huge The Complete Series
Added Royal Pains S2
Added Lie To Me S3

5th February 2011
Completed Jeremiah S1 - S2

8th February 2011
Completed The Bridge The Complete Series
Completed Dark Skies The Complete Series

10th February 2011
Completed Lexx S1 - S4

13th February 2011
Completed Profiler S1 - S4

15th February 2011
Added V (2009) S2

18th February 2011
Completed Knight Rider S1 - S4

27th February 2011
Completed The Outer Limits S1 - S7
Completed The Defenders S1
Added Star Wars: The Clone Wars S3

3rd March 2011
Completed Masters Of Science Fiction The Complete Series

8th March 2011
Completed Nightmares & Dreamscapes The Complete Mini Series

14th March 2011
Added Southland S3
Completed The Cape (2011) The Complete Series
Added Sanctuary S3

16th March 2011
Completed The Sopranos S1 - S6

20th March 2011
Completed No Ordinary Family S1
Added Nurse Jackie S3

6th April 2011
Added Smallville S10
Completed Chase The Complete Series

7th April 2011
Added Chuck S4

9th April 2011
Added Fringe S3

10th April 2011
Completed Nikita (2010) S1

11th April 2011
Completed Off The Map S1
Completed Melrose Place (1992) S1 to S7

14th April 2011
Added Supernatural S6
Added The Listener S2
Added Grey's Anatomy S7
Added United States of Tara S3

16th April 2011
Completed The Glades S1

18th April 2011
Completed Harry's Law S1

23rd April 2011
Completed The Chicago Code S1
Completed Blue Bloods S1
Added Castle S3
Added Bones S6

24th April 2011
Completed Hawaii Five-0 (2010) S1
Added Desperate Housewives S7

26Th April 2011
Completed Fairly Legal S1
Completed The Riches S1 to S2

3rd May 2011
Completed Clubhouse The Complete Series
Completed Karen Sisco The Complete Series
Completed Line Of Fire The Complete Series

6th May 2011
Completed Alien Nation The Complete Series
Completed Alien Nation The Movie Collection

7th May 2011
Completed Kojak (2005) The Complete Series

8th May 2011
Completed Green Lantern Emerald Knights

9th May 2011
Completed Green Lantern First Flight

10th May 2011
Added NCIS: Los Angeles S2
Added The Mentalist S3
Completed The Event S1

13 th May 2011
Added Criminal Minds S6
Added CSI Miami S9
Added CSI New York S7
Completed Wonder Woman (2009)

18th May 2011
Completed Breakout Kings S1
Completed Teen Titans S1 - S5
Completed Teen Titans Trouble In Tokyo

22nd May 2011
Added 90210 S3
Added Law & Order:Special Victims Unit S12
Added Make It Or Break It S2
Added NCIS S8
Added Private Practice S4

23rd May 2011
Completed Justice League S1 - S2

25th May 2011
Completed Justice League Unlimited S1 - S2
Completed Batman Beyond S1 - S3
Completed Batman Beyond: Retun Of The Joker

26th May 2011
Completed The Batman S1 - S5
Completed The Batman vs Dracula

28th May 2011
Completed Batman, The Brave And The Bold S1 - S2

30th May 2011
Completed Batman, The Animated Series V1 - V4
Completed Batman: The Mask Of The Phantasm
Completed Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero
Completed Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman

2nd June 2011
Completed Superman, The Animated Series V1 - V3
Completed Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Completed Legion Of Super Heroes S1 - S2

4th June 2011
Added True Blood S3
Added CSI S11
Added Men Of A Certain Age S2

12th June 2011
Completed Batman: Gothan Knight
Completed Batman: Under the Red Hood
Completed Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths
Completed Static Shock S1 - S4
Completed Superman: Doomsday

15th June 2011
Completed All Star Superman
Completed Justice League: The New Frontier
Completed Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

19th June 2011
Completed Falling Skies S1
Completed Torchwood - Miracle Day

28th June 2011
Completed Law & Order: Los Angeles The Compete Series
Changed Rubicon from S1 to Complete
Changed The Defenders from S1 to Complete
Changed The Event from S1 to Complete
Changed No Ordinary Family from S1 to Complete
Changed Off The Map from S1 to Complete
Changed The Chicago Code from S1 to Complete

30th June 2011
Completed Silver Surfer The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Woman The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Man (1967) The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Man (1981) The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Man (1994) S1 to S5
Completed Spider-Man Unlimited The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Man: The New Animated Series The Complete Series
Completed Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends The Complete Series

5th July 2011
Completed Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes S1
Completed Iron Man: Armored Adventures S1
Completed The Super Hero Squad Show S1 - S2
Completed Fantastic Four: Earth's Greatest Heroes The Complete Series
Completed Wolverine and the X-Men The Complete Series

9th July 2011
Completed X-Men: Evolution S1 - S4

10th July 2011
Completed Iron Man (1994) The Complete Series

22nd July 2011
Completed Lost In Space S1 to S3
Completed The Invaders S1 to S2
Added Blue Mountain State S2

24th July 2011
Added Memphis Beat S2

27th July 2011
Added True Blood S4
Added Law & Order: Criminal Intent S10
Added In Plain Sight S4
Completed Generator Rex S1

28th July 2011
Completed The Borgias S1

Titles Requested/In Progress:

A-Team, The
Blakes 7
Blue Thunder
Dawson's Creek
Diagnosis Murder
Dukes Of Hazzard
Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Loves Raymond
Fear Itself
Forbidden Science
Get Smart (1995)
Gilmore Girls
Golden Girls, The
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Immortal, The
John Doe
Jonathan Creek
Magnum PI
Masters Of Horror
New Twilight Zone
Night Man
Office, The (UK)
Over There
Remington Steel
Sentinel, The
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Twilight Zone (1959)
What About Brian
Xena: Warrior Princess

This is only a small selection of the list - the actual list has 1022 shows! To date (6th February 2010) 268 are done. It includes every drama and comedy aired in the US since 2000 (hopefully there'll be enough artwork!) Also included are any shows requested before 2000.

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