DVD Symbols & Logos

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DVD Symbols & Logos

Ages ago I made a set of the symbols that can be found on the back of DVD cases, the audio, video and aspect ratio symbols for example. I made them in sets of White, Black, Silver and Gold - I thought I would share them in the hope that they might be of use to someone out there. They can be resized quite easily to smaller sizes without a great loss of quality - I use these on my own covers.

Added another set of files that contain region from 1 to 6 and ALL and 'No Text' version in all four colours.They are the 'All & Free' versions below.

The files have two layers, the background coloured layer is simply so you can see the symbols, you choose the other layer and cut the symbols as required.

The files are in Both PSD and PSP format and are found below

I have had a request from kiffy to make these in a format other than PSP or PSD files, in order to keep transparency I have made a set as PNG files. Hope some people will find this useful.

THE PNG SET (contains ALL the regions logos and all four colours)
DVD Symbols & Logos
DVD Symbols & Logos
  The "Customaniacs.org" WATERMARK wil only be shown in the low-resolution preview and not in the high-resolution download!
  Download the high-resolution files here:
PSP Symbols.zip (1,017.0 KB,  365 downloaders )
Photoshop Symbols.zip (1.22 MB,  749 downloaders )
PSD All & Free Regions.zip (220.6 KB,  540 downloaders )
PSP All & Free Regions.zip (190.7 KB,  338 downloaders )
DVD Logos PNG.zip (656.2 KB,  687 downloaders )
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